The GamerJargon Game Review: Fleet

Fleet by Gryphon Games.Game Name: Fleet
Publisher: Gryphon Games
Published: 2012
Game Type: Card Game
Number of Players: 2-4
Play Time: 30 min.

On Amazon: $19.99

Reviewed by: Erik “Kunochan” Even & Paul “Pandachan” Ang

Fleet is a very nice little auction/hand management game from Gryphon Games; the set we tested was purchased through the Kickstarter campaign, and included special wooden painted fish-shaped bits instead of the standard blue squares (fish “crates”).  Fleet comes with 122 cards, four reference cards, 100 fish or crates, one wooden boat-shaped marker and one large wooden d6.

Players assume the personae of commercial fishing fleet owners, purchasing commercial fishing licenses and ships; assigning captains to the ships; collecting fish/crates, and trading those fish for money and resources. Players collect victory points for purchasing licenses, buying ships, and collecting fish; and the player with the most victory points when the license cards or fish/crates run out is the winner.

Boat cards double as cash, for purchasing boats and licenses, and as captains; licenses are purchased according to an auction system.  Different licenses grant the owner various abilities, such as greater cash resources or the ability to draw extra cards.


What we liked:

  • Very good quality cards and pieces; nice art
  • Plays quickly like a time-killing game, but has more depth
  • Requires some sophisticated strategic decisions
  • Relatively short game play time; good for multiple sessions
  • Turns are quick, with little downtime
  • Reasonably priced for an indie game
 What we didn’t like so much:
  • Runaway leader problem — once one player gets ahead of the others, it can be hard to catch up
  • Theme (commercial fishing) not strongly attached to game mechanics — it really could be a game about anything
  • Takes up a lot of space on the table
Recommended for: Rating: "Good."