Apparently, if you play World of Warcraft, you’re not allowed to run for public office

Mercy me.Via Wonkette: apparently, Maine Republicans are stunned — STUNNED — that Democratic State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz has the audacity to pretend to be an Orc Rogue in World of Warcraft.

How dare she???

Colleen Lachowicz, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 25 (Waterville), has been living a time-consuming double life as a member of the World of Warcraft community. World of Warcraft is an online gaming network where people play a fantasy role-playing game in an imaginary world called “Azeroth.”

Certainly this must make her a *gasp* socialist!

We’re progressive…in fact we joke about being a socialist guild.


The Republicans supporting Lachowicz’ incumbent opponent have dedicated an entire website to making fun of her grinding activities. Because you wouldn’t want to debate actual policies or anything.

Sorry, folks. It seems if you’re a gamer, you’re not fit for public service.

3 Comments to “Apparently, if you play World of Warcraft, you’re not allowed to run for public office”

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