Custom dice manufacturer makes some really cool polyhedral randomizers…

Wonderland dice.I found this cool site, via Wired; Eric C. Harshbarger (Facebook) is a puzzle designer and inventor who creates custom dice and sells them on his web site.

Most of these things are rather whimsical, and a person probably has to struggle to invent a real use for them. But some people, like myself, just like dice, and it’s rather fun to have some that most other people don’t have.

I particularly like the binary dice, the MATHd6, the periodic table dice, the polyhedra die (not a polyhedral die, but a six-sided die with a different polyhedron on each face), the RGB dice, the roll again die (all the faces say “roll again”), the “go first” dice (which seem really useful), and the Wonderland dice (pictured).

You can buy most of these dice off his site.