Can Dungeons & Dragons make you a confident & successful person?

Stephen Colbert is a gaming geek. This is a true fact.On the YouTube, a video asking the question: can Dungeons & Dragons make one a confident and successful person?

My answer would be, well duh, yes, but I’m a biased commentator.

The video’s Mike Rugnetta agrees with me, and makes a pretty decent case, even name-checking German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Personally, I never thought I was wasting my time on role-playing games, at least not when I was in my twenties.

I might be wasting my time on them now.

The video is 8 min 47 sec long, but the D&D part ends at 6 min 13 sec. I also appreciate that there’s a copy of Speaking in Tongues on the wall in back.


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