These are not toys. They’re brain cell killers!

Ah, Target, you're so funny.Via r/boardgames: on BoardGameGeek, a hilarious story by user OxfordRow about a disgruntled customer at Target.

When she gets to the counter, she starts unloading board games. Out comes PandemicFlash PointDeadwood, and [Settlers ofCatan. All are out of the shrink….

“My kids got these for Christmas and they’re supposed to be games, but these aren’t games!”

The cashier kind of looks at the woman, but says, “Well since they’re open I don’t think we can take them back.”

“Well we had to open them so we could try to play them, but one look at the rules and these are too hard. We’ll never figure them out. They’re not games. I don’t know what they are, but games are supposed to be fun and these aren’t.” …

So they go back and forth a few times and finally the woman starts piling them back into the bag. “I’ll just keep them, then. Maybe my kids have some #$%@’ing genius friends I can give them to. You really need to stop selling these in the toy department, though. These are not toys. They’re brain cell killers! Your marketing is misleading.”

Meanwhile, I’m standing there with my popcorn popper trying not to laugh and thinking, “Well, at least I’ll never be competing for a job with this woman’s kids. If this stuff is too hard for them, they’re never going to make it through high school.”

I guess this is what happens when you unleash uncommon games into a mass market department store environment.

And thus, the inspiration for a new gamer term, brain cell killer.

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