Firefly Universe Online MMORPG might possibly be thinking of maybe coming back from the dead, someday, maybe

...but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.If you were as upset as I was when those 笨天生的一堆肉。 at Fox Broadcasting Company cancelled Firefly  after only 14 episodes were shot, well, then, you were pretty gorram upset.

And you were probably thrilled in 2006, when Fox and developer Multiverse announced a deal to develop an MMORPG based on Firefly and its big screen spin-off, Serenity.

Then you were probably disappointed in 2008, when Multiverse announced it was putting the Firefly MMO on hold to work on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMORPG. And then again in 2011, when Multiverse went out of business.

And then you might have gotten your hopes up again last year, when a group calling itself DarkCryo Entertainment said they were developing the dormant Firefly Universe Online as an “unauthorized” project.

But now, via Massively, comes news that DarkCryo’s FUO project has, well, some kind of authorization from Fox to develop the project, and will soon be launching a Kickstarter to raise funds.

With the well wishes of Fox Entertainment Group, we have reactivated the FUO MMORPG Facebook page in preparation for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A popular alpha launch may re-awaken licensing consideration, in which case we may then include an expansion pack containing derivative content.

If you’re a true flan, then you have become quite used to disappointment. And if the finished game looks anything like the CG in this overlong trailer (that character design is real 熊貓尿), then prepare to gag like you did when Wash got killed for no damn good reason.

But an MMO set in the ‘Verse could be pretty darn cool. So, we’ll be putting on our knitted Jayne hats and hoping there is good news ahead.

Via Massively; official web site; trailer video.

Feel free to discuss who was sexiest, Inara, Kaylee, or Saffron, in the comments.


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