Genuine gamers — just two weeks left for the Emperor’s New Clothes Kickstarter!

The Emperors New Clothes. Can you see it?Note: this blog post is only for genuine, real, committed gamers. If you are not a true gamer, please go here.

If you are a real gamer, go ahead and read on:

There are only 17 days left in the Kickstarter for The Emperor’s New Clothes, the exciting new board game that only REAL GAMERS™ can play!

The game uses patented ROOS (Regulated Operator Optical Screening) technology, which means that only real gamers can see the markings on the pieces. All your gamer friends will have no problem playing the game — but significant others and family members will see nothing but a white board, white cards and white pieces!

Now you’ll be able to weed out of your gamer group all those poseur gamers who don’t really love games, but just hang out with you because gamers are so witty, charismatic and cool.

Pledges start at $1.00, and you can get a copy of the actual game starting at $25! Now is your chance to prove you’re a real gamer. If you see nothing but white pieces in the picture above, maybe you should be playing Words with Friends. But if you see what I see in that photo: a bright, colorful, amazing game with great art, then donate to The Emperor’s New Clothes today!

Via. Kickstarter.