You can work for Wizards of the Coast! And they won’t even pay you!

A bad character sheet for D&D 5.Would you like to contribute to D&D Next©®™, what the rest of us refer to as Dungeons & Dragons 5.0? You would? Would you like to not get paid a cent for your your contribution? You would? Then friend, have I got news for you!

Wizards of the Coast is holding a “contest” (see web site), but it’s not the kind of contest where you, like, win anything. It’s the kind of contest where you do work, for free, and if they like your work, you “win.” They’re calling on gamers to create a character sheet for D&D Next, and the one chosen will be published. The “winner” will get a free copy of the publication — which is definitely the least they could do for someone who contributed to the publication with content that WotC will make money from. The least.

So if you’re up for doing free work for Hasbro, you can find the rules here [PDF]; the contest ends April 28, 2013.

And if you’re totally into doing free work, I can use some help with this web site…


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