Crazy anti-D&D cartoon “Dark Dungeons” to become a live-action film, without Tom Hanks

The poster for the animated "Dark Dungeons."Remember the batcrap crazy 1980s religious cartoon tract “Dark Dungeons,” which claimed that Dungeons & Dragons gave you real occult powers and would drive you to suicide? (If not, read it here.) Well, someone on Kickstarter wants to film a live-action version.

JR Ralls of Portland says he has obtained permission from low-functioning delusional paranoid Jack Chick, creator of the original tract, to film the adaptation. But it’s clear from the accompanying video that Ralls is not making the film out of any respect for Chick’s “message” — he seems to love the original cartoon for the same reason the rest of us do, because it’s hilariously delusional.

By the way, Ralls makes clear that Chick will make no money off of the adaptation. So feel free to contribute to the Kickstarter.

On Kickstarter. Also, somebody did an animated adaptation in 2010. See also Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons.


One Comment to “Crazy anti-D&D cartoon “Dark Dungeons” to become a live-action film, without Tom Hanks”

  1. JR Ralls 24 April 2013 at 9:54 pm #

    I’m really joyous that those who work in the “dens of iniquity” you who are laboring from the inside of _Big Gaming_ (all for the purpose of exposing the “industry of evil” OF COURSE!) are willing to support this worthy endeavor by your insider knowledge and / or props.

    Thanks very much for your post! Everyone else, whatever you can to spread the word, Facebook, twitter, any forums you belong to, would be _much_ appreciated. This is very much a niche product so anything that can be done to get the word out to those who would appreciate it is vital.

    Thanks again for your support,