Ow-oooooooo!pl. n. auspices (“ow’ spuh seez”)WOD-ism
1. n., (“ow’ spiss”) in general use, observation by an augur (especially of the flight and feeding of birds) to discover omens; from Latin auspicium, from auspic-, auspex “diviner by birds,” from avis “bird” + specere “to look, look at.”
2. from White Wolf Games’ Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the five social castes of the garou, determined by the phase of the moon in which an individual garou was born; Ragabash (new moon; trickster), Theurge (crescent moon; seer), Philodox (half moon; judge), Galliard (gibbous moon; bard), Ahroun (full moon, warrior).

Addendum: Apparently, some W:TA players like to work out what their own auspice would be. Sad.

Addendum #2: Okay, fine, I looked it up. On December 25, 1966, the day I was born, the moon was full. That makes me an ahroun; and if you know me, you know I would count as any of the other auspices before ahroun.

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