computer game n. computer games; gerund computer gaming; also video game, videogame; also arcade gameTV game (archaic)
n., any of a variety of electronic hardware and/or software constructs that allow a person or persons to play one or more virtual games through interaction with a user interface and a video device, against a computer program, other players, or both; technologies that support computer games include standardized personal computers (Windows, Mac and Linux systems) and network servers, specialized gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), standardized handheld devices (cell phones and smartphones), and specialized handheld devices (Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable); c. 1970s. Also video gamearcade game. See online game.

Addendum: In general, the terms “computer game” and “video game” mean the same thing. But connotatively, “video game” refers to console and arcade games, while “computer game” refers to PC games (and everything else).

Addendum 2: Pong, man. You can talk all you want about Computer Space, or the Magnavox Odyssey, or the earliest of the early MUDs. But I was there, and it all started with Atari’s arcade version of Pong in 1972, followed a few years later by the home console version. The arcade era, Infocom, FPSes, RTSes, computer RPGs, simulation games, LAN and online gaming, MMORPGs; from the Atari 2600 to the Intellivison and Colecovision to the NES to the Saturn, PlayStation and N64 to the Dreamcast, Xbox and Gamecube to the Wii — it all started with Pong.

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