Cones of Dunshire, The

The Cones of Dunshire.p.n., in the 2009-present NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation, specifically in the 11/21/13 episode “The Cones of Dunshire,” an eponymous board game created by geeky and mildly manic character Ben Wyatt while he is unemployed; intended to be a humorous parody of popular modern Eurogames (“Oh my god! The Maverick should be able to trade lumber for agriculture credits! How have I not thought of this before?”).

Addendum: “Eight-to-twelve characters. Two wizards, the Maverick, the Arbiter, two warriors, a corporal, and a Ledgerman. Now, the Ledgerman just keeps score — and he wears this hat. Now, the object is to accumulate cones, four cones wins. But to get a cone you have to build a civilization. The other amazing thing is the Challenge Play — actually, let me tell you more about the trivia cards, because you’re going to need to know about roadblocks first — no, never mind. The thing about the Challenge Play is that it’s basically the game… in reverse!”

The scene in question.

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