dungeon crawl

Heroes on a dungeon crawl.pl. n. dungeon crawls
n., a medieval fantasy role-playing scenario set in a series of underground catacombs populated by monsters borrowed from horror films and European folklore; characters slay the monsters, foil traps, and solve puzzles to gain treasure and experience. See dungeon.

Addendum: Dungeons & Dragons was the original “dungeon-crawl game,” although advanced players usually took their games out of the “dungeon” milieu and into a richer Tolkienesque fantasy setting. The concept of the dungeon crawl – the fighter, mage, cleric and thief slaying monsters in a vast subterranean dungeon — originated from the works of JRR Tolkien, particularly inspired by the journey of the Fellowship through Moria in The Fellowship of the Ring. The dungeon crawl scenario forces a set structure onto a role-playing game. Plot and characterization become secondary (or non-existent), and such games have more in common with the tabletop wargames from which RPGs evolved.

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