Evil Abed from the Darkest Timeline, on Community.adv. evilly; adj. eviller, evilest ; n. evilness; p.n. Evil
1. adj., describes actions that benefit the actor while harming others; opposite of good; from  Old English yfel, Proto-Indo-European wap- “bad, evil”; predates 12th c.
2. n., in religious mythology, esp. Christian, a malevolent supernatural force that misleads and punishes mortals, brings misfortune, and vies against good supernatural forces.
3. in fantasy milieux, a supernatural force or faction, often composed of gods, spirits, monsters and mortals, dedicated to malevolent goals such as universal enslavement, chaos, destruction, misfortune and death; examples include the forces of Morgoth/Sauron in Tolkien’s legendarium, the forces of Darkness and Chaos in Warhammer, the Elder Gods and their followers in the works of HP Lovecraft, and the Sith in Star Wars.
4. adj., in the D&D alignment system, one point on the alignment matrix; the opposite of “good.” See lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil.

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