A Christian priest uses his thaumaturgical super-powers to transform ordinary water into Holy Water™, which is totally different from ordinary water [citation needed].also. n. thaumaturge, thaumaturgist; adj. thaumaturgical
1. n., in Christian mythology, the ability of a saint to work miracles through the power of the Christian god; by the 16th century, the term was also used to describe a wizard’s non-theistic magical powers; also wonder-working, miracle-working;  from Greek thaûma “miracle” + érgon “work”; c. 18th century.
2. in fantasy and occult media and gaming milieux, the ability of a cleric to cast spells; syn. with clerical magic; differentiated from “ordinary” wizard/magic-user/mage “Hermetic” magic in that it requires the intervention of a deity, and the thaumaturge may lose his or her powers if they displease the deity. See theurge.

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