time travel

You can buy the map from Time Bandits! Click on the pic!pl. n. time travels; v. to time travel, time-traveling, time-traveled; n. time traveler, time traveller, also chrononaut
1. n., the hypothesized movement from one point of time to another point, analogous to movement from one point of space to another; the time traveler may be able to travel into the past or future — most often this travel is seen as a kind of instantaneous teleportation, with the traveler not experiencing the time in between points; such travel is most often imagined as having a natural/scientific explanation, but may also be supernatural/magical; c. 19th century.
2. in science fiction, fantasy, super-hero, and sometimes occult gaming milieux, describes the ability to manipulate or travel through time, as provided by a technology, superpower, spell, psionic ability, etc.; in many cases, time travel or manipulation abilities allow the player to reroll a test, retro a turn or action, or replay a scene or encounter; they may also give characters the ability to travel between historical periods; games with strong time travel components include the RPGs Timemaster, GURPS Time Travel, and C°ntinuum: Roleplaying in The Yet; the computer games Chrono TriggerFinal Fantasy XIII-2The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and TimeShift; and, of course, every Doctor Who game ever. See alternate history.

Addendum: Time travel is very difficult to deal with in fiction, because the possibility of time travel creates so many philosophical, logical, scientific, and storytelling problems. But fiction writers can often fudge things and ignore paradoxes, if the story is entertaining enough. (What happened to the second Marty McFly who grew up with a confident father and a cool pickup truck? After Old Biff traveled back in time to deliver the Sports Almanac to Young Biff, how was he able to return to the original 2015, since he had changed history?)

But it’s much harder to fudge things in a game. Games have rules, and the rules have to be consistent, make sense, and be balanced. Also, players will try to find every way they can to take advantage of time travel abilities, especially in role-playing games. As a result, game designers and gamemasters tend to severely restrict temporal abilities, or they don’t include them at all.

Addendum #2: The best time travel movies are Time BanditsBack to the FutureStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeThe Terminator,  12 MonkeysBill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureDonnie DarkoLooperPeggy Sue Got MarriedPrimer, and both adaptations of HG Wells ‘The Time Machine.

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