video game addiction n. video game addictions; also Video Game Addiction
a supposed mental illness or personality disorder that causes a person to play computer games compulsively, isolating the person from others and negatively impacting their life. See video game.

Addendum: This nonsense started in the 1970s with Space Invaders, and has been going on ever since. Spend hundreds of hours watching sports or quilting blankets, and you’re “normal”; devote a lot of time to computer games and you’re “sick.”

In fact, there exists no formal diagnosis of “video game addiction” in medical or psychological literature; and it was rejected for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The only people who ever bring up this invented illness are people who want to prey on the fears of parents — religiously-motivated “culture war” busybodies and unscrupulous politicians.

Can a person harm themselves by over-committing to video games? Of course. Are video games designed to be addictive? Yes. But do video games possess some magical property that renders them addictive the way heroin is addictive? The science says no. And is Blizzard Entertainment at fault when you blow off work to play Mists of Pandaria? Common sense says no, that’s all on you.


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