Mila Kunis as the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz: The Great and Powerful.pl. n. witches; also n. witchcraft
1. in Anthropology, a member of a tribal culture who is believed to have innate supernatural powers; often credited with punishing or rewarding the behavior of other tribe members, and credited for the positive or negative fortunes of the tribe as a whole; such an individual may or may not be aware of their designation as a witch, and may or may not actively attempt to perform magic; from Middle English wicche, Old English wicce “male sorcerer“; predates 900 CE.
2. in Christian and Islamic mythology, a female believed to possess pagan or Satanic powers, and often persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, banished, or killed by religious authorities; such women were often innocent of any heretical beliefs.
3. in modern parlance, an adherent of Wicca.
4. in fantasy and occult media and gaming milieux, a female practitioner of magic, usu. with pagan and animist overtones (as opposed to a traditional Hermetic wizard), based loosely on the witches of Christian myth; usu. divided into “white” (good aligned) and “black” (evil aligned) varieties; often associated with black cats and broomsticks; in D&D 3.5 ed., witch is a character class. Also warlock (a male witch).
5. in the Wizarding World of JK Rowling, any female person with magical blood.
6. in the 1964-1972 sitcom Bewitched, a race of generally malevolent and disruptive quasi-immortal humanoids with godlike reality-altering, teleportation, and time travel powers; capable of breeding with humans.

Addendum: According to a popular theory, this is why witches “ride” broomsticks.

Addendum #2: This is my favorite Miyazaki movie.

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