v. to quad-kite; EverQuest-ism
on EverQuest; because of poorly-programmed mob pathing and kiting behaviour, a number of mobs (often four, hence “quad”) can be kept together and have AoE spells cast on them; EverQuest druids are known for this tactic.

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Dave Shepherd


This sexy quarterback from a Blood Bowl video game is totally related to this dictionary entry, and not a cheap ploy to generate hits. Honest.also v. to quarterback, quarterbacking, quarterbacked
1. gerund, in business jargon, the act of directing persons on an operation or project; from the American football term “quarterback,” a player who gives instructions to other team members.
2. in cooperative games, when one player ends up making the decisions for all the players; in effect, the quarterbacking player is the only person playing. Ex: We were trying to play Battlestar Galactica, but Brian was quarterbacking and wouldn’t let anyone else play — and then he turned out to be the Cylon!

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