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GamerJargon Quiz #2: Board games

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How much do you know about the current crop of popular board games? Answer these 10 questions, and you’ll know if you’ve “got wood for sheep.”…Continue reading

Today’s Best Thing Ever: Overview of Tabletop Role-playing Games Isometric Poster Map

From Inkwell Ideas, via Reddit: a beautiful poster representing tabletop RPGs of yesterday and today as an isometric dungeon map. I’d write more about this, but “beautiful poster representing tabletop RPGs of yesterday and today as an isometric dungeon map” pretty much sums it up. I am thrilled to see great classic games like , , […]…Continue reading

Cards Against Humanity presents Tabletop Design Deathmatch — win a first run printing of your homebrew game

Are you designing a tabletop board game, card game, or RPG? Are you a previously unpublished designer? Can your game be finished by July 1st, 2013? , America’s favorite “party game for horrible people,” and a bunch of other sponsors, bring you the Gen Con 2013 Tabletop Design Deathmatch. Win $7,500 towards a first-run printing of your […]…Continue reading

Think you know your gamer terms? Then take the GamerJargon quiz!

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Crazy anti-D&D cartoon “Dark Dungeons” to become a live-action film, without Tom Hanks

Remember the batcrap crazy 1980s religious cartoon tract “Dark Dungeons,” which claimed that Dungeons & Dragons gave you real occult powers and would drive you to suicide? (If not, read it here.) Well, someone on Kickstarter wants to film a live-action version. JR Ralls of Portland says he has obtained permission from low-functioning delusional paranoid Jack […]…Continue reading

Famous genius Pat Robertson says highly intelligent thing about Dungeons & Dragons

Noted meteorologist, science expert, and alleged thaumaturge Pat Robertson took the opportunity recently to hold forth on his cable show about his views on Dungeons & Dragons, and other games that contain occult elements. See the video here. A viewer was quoted as asking: Is it safe for a Christian to enjoy video games that have […]…Continue reading

You can work for Wizards of the Coast! And they won’t even pay you!

Would you like to contribute to D&D Next©®™, what the rest of us refer to as Dungeons & Dragons 5.0? You would? Would you like to not get paid a cent for your your contribution? You would? Then friend, have I got news for you! Wizards of the Coast is holding a “contest” (see web […]…Continue reading adds its 1,000th dictionary entry — and the winner is “gargoyle”

After 13 years (with a seven-year lacuna), the GamerJargon web site has added its one thousandth dictionary entry! And the word was… gargoyle. The most recent words added to the site are satyr, behemoth, leviathan, phoenix, roc, ghost, giant (I’ve been on a monster kick), human (aren’t we the greatest monsters of all?), and Tom Hanks. See a complete list […]…Continue reading

Artist produces excellent cartoon “reviews” of classic D&D modules

Via /r/rpg/ — an artist has created wonderful cartoon maps of two classic Dungeons & Dragons modules, Tomb of Horrors (here) and  (here). Look at them. Just look at them. From the Wizards of the Coast web site: Jason Thompson (@khyungbird) is the creator of the graphic novel series King of RPGs ( with artist Victor Hao. He […]…Continue reading

Disney purchases Wizards of the Coast, announces Dungeons & Dragons theme park, Magic: The Gathering changes

The Burbank, California-based Walt Disney Company has purchased a controlling stake in game manufacturer Wizards of the Coast, according to an announcement today by Disney Chairman & CEO Bob Iger at Tokyo Disneyland. The Seattle, Washington-based WotC publishes several popular game franchises, including Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Neither company, nor previous WotC owner […]…Continue reading

WotC signs deal to bring D&D board games to iPhone, iPad

Seattle-based Wizards of the Coast, owners of the Dungeons & Dragons games and media franchise, has signed a deal with Carlsbad, California software developer Playdek, to produce iOS versions of WotC’s tabletop games, including its D&D line of board games. “We are thrilled to work with Wizards of the Coast to bring their great games […]…Continue reading

Original creators regain rights to classic role-playing game

I remember the Villains & Vigilantes supers role-playing game from the 1980s — it was the poorer cousin of Champions, kind of what Tunnels & Trolls was to Dungeons & Dragons. It seems the game’s original creators have won a two-year legal battle over the rights to the game, against the former publisher. After a 20-month legal […]…Continue reading

Genuine gamers — just two weeks left for the Emperor’s New Clothes Kickstarter!

The Emperors New Clothes. Can you see it?

Note: this blog post is only for genuine, real, committed gamers. If you are not a true gamer, please go here. If you are a real gamer, go ahead and read on: There are only 17 days left in the Kickstarter for The Emperor’s New Clothes, the exciting new board game that only REAL GAMERS™ can play! […]…Continue reading

World of Warcraft players comment on Pope Frank

World of Warcraft players discuss the new Pope on Facebook.

This screencap from Facebook, in which  players comment on the “election”* of the new Pope, is important because it illustrates two very important points. 1.) WoW players kick ass. 2.) The world definitely needs a Gamer Jargon dictionary. That is all. Via. Follow GamerJargon on Reddit. Follow GamerJargon on Facebook. *I say “election” in sarcastic quotes, […]…Continue reading

Ubisoft harpoons wacky anti-meat group’s video game whaling complaint

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

There is only one logical explanation for the behavior exhibited by the deranged animal rights organization PETA. They’re a front for the meat industry. Why else would they work so hard to embarrass the animal rights movement, and discredit critics of factory farming? It seems like every time PETA is in the news, they have topped their […]…Continue reading

Games Workshop wants to copyright ‘space marine’; I want to copyright ‘dumbass Brits’

For the Emperor! And his legal department!

Via BoingBoing: Games Workshop, the venerated UK firm that has been producing beautiful (if broken) tabletop miniatures games and role-playing games since Harold Wilson was prime minister, is getting into trouble with its legions of gamer fans. Ebook author MCA Hogarth had her novel  pulled from Amazon’s online store because of a copyright claim by Games Workshop. […]…Continue reading

Firefly Universe Online MMORPG might possibly be thinking of maybe coming back from the dead, someday, maybe

...but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.

If you were as upset as I was when those 笨天生的一堆肉。 at Fox Broadcasting Company cancelled  after only 14 episodes were shot, well, then, you were pretty gorram upset. And you were probably thrilled in 2006, when Fox and developer Multiverse announced a deal to develop an MMORPG based on Firefly and its big screen spin-off, . […]…Continue reading

These are not toys. They’re brain cell killers!

Ah, Target, you're so funny.

Via r/boardgames: on BoardGameGeek, a hilarious story by user OxfordRow about a disgruntled customer at Target. When she gets to the counter, she starts unloading board games. Out comes , , , and [Settlers of] . All are out of the shrink…. “My kids got these for Christmas and they’re supposed to be games, but these aren’t games!” […]…Continue reading

Update: World of Warcraft-playing politico wins election against jackass who tried to shame her

Colleen Lachowicz -- GG, Colleen!

An update to my previous post, about the World of Warcraft player running for state senator in Maine, who was outed as a gamer by her Republican opponent: She won! If can believed, her opponent’s attempt to slander her as a WoW player backfired, garnering her international attention, the youth vote, and a signed […]…Continue reading

November is NaGa DeMon — that’s National Game Design Month

You might need some of these.

If you’ve ever vowed you could create a better game, here’s your chance to step up and prove you’re not full of it. National Game Design Month — NaGa DeMon for short — starts November 1st. Inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which I’ve participated in before), NaGa DeMon calls on its participants to […]…Continue reading